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Ghül – Thangorodrim



Ghül today stand at the highest peaks of middle-earth to unveil the first offering Thangorodrim from their upcoming album Hell of Iron which feature guest vocals from abduction’s overlord A/V


Ghül – Land Of Shadow

Having once already taken walked the road leading from Barad-dûr via Where The Shadows Lie to the Cracks of Doom inside Mount Doom, I am getting ready to cross the great iron bridge at the Dark Tower to explore the latest release from GhülLand Of Shadow 




Ghül – Where The Shadows Lie


Taking inspiration from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings legendarium, Ghül aims to drape the listener in ritualistic darkness and shadow with first track Where The Shadows Lie from a forthcoming full-length album, and will be one of many songs performed in the Black Speech of Mordor. (more…)