Ghül – Land Of Shadow

Having once already taken walked the road leading from Barad-dûr via Where The Shadows Lie to the Cracks of Doom inside Mount Doom, I am getting ready to cross the great iron bridge at the Dark Tower to explore the latest release from GhülLand Of Shadow 



The albums opening instrumental  call to arms “Under the Banner of the Black Lands” creates as ominous soundscape leading onto the unrelenting “Where the Shadows Lie”

Coming in a nearly 12 minutes is “The Moon in the Dark Lake”  which gives Ghül a fantastic opportunity to experiment with a slower, atmospheric tones and still manage to convey a story even without the use of dialogue, it’s certainly ambitious and is a track I have found myself coming back to time and time again.

Following this is easily my highlight track of the album “The Burden of Sorrow Evermore” combines some wonderful guitar parts with some sweeping atmosphere, this is complimented very well the blistering speed of “Under the Shadow of Dissonance”

Land Of Shadow concludes with the aptly titled “Catharsis That Follows the Storm” its unmenacing nature still somehow manages to send a tingle down your spine and is the perfect conclusion for this release


Land Of Shadow is out now via Matriarch Records

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