Ghül – Thangorodrim



Ghül today stand at the highest peaks of middle-earth to unveil the first offering Thangorodrim from their upcoming album Hell of Iron which feature guest vocals from abduction’s overlord A/V

Coming in a 9 and a half minutes the track feels very much like a movie score selection as the ominous soundscapes are the start are both ominous and laden with a darkened atmosphere which very quickly turns into a frenzied storm of howling winds and an attacking Prescence.

There are subtle tempo changes that give the track an extra depth and the guest vocals are relentless only adding to the ever maturing musicianship

The more Ghül  produce the more is becomes apparent that a dominant force is clawing its way through and honestly I think Hell of Iron  is on the precipice to be on peoples near to hear list when its released via Matriarch Records


“Then Fingon looked towards Thangorodrim, and there was a dark cloud about it, and a black smoke went up; and he knew that the wrath of Morgoth was aroused, and that their challenge was accepted.”


Thangorodrim is out now

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