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Ghül – Thangorodrim



Ghül today stand at the highest peaks of middle-earth to unveil the first offering Thangorodrim from their upcoming album Hell of Iron which feature guest vocals from abduction’s overlord A/V


Deitus – A Scar for Serenity

London’s Deitus return to the fold under the candlelight banner with new album Irreversible scheduled for a July release, the band unveil first single – A Scar for Serenity.

Its important that a first single makes an impact and well, this certainly ticks the boxes as immediately there is clear more relentless direction to this that 2018’sVia Dolorosa showed splashes of and shows that the five years in between have bought forth a heavier darker side which has me intrigued to hear the finished article.

If Irreversible isn’t on your radar right now from this track alone it will only be a matter of time before it is.


Ghül – Where The Shadows Lie


Taking inspiration from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings legendarium, Ghül aims to drape the listener in ritualistic darkness and shadow with first track Where The Shadows Lie from a forthcoming full-length album, and will be one of many songs performed in the Black Speech of Mordor. (more…)

Single Review: Coffin Mulch – Into The Blood

Festering out of the sewers once more, Scotland’s death metal joyously grotesque Coffin Mulch  return with their first single “Into the Blood” from upcoming second album “Spectral Intercession”



Iselder – Home

Iselder Home Single Cover

Following up from the last full length “Metel Du Gwir Cymreig”, Iselder  not only announce their signing to label UKEM Records but release details of their upcoming  third album simply titled “Cynefin”  and  also give listeners a preview with first single “Home”

Cynefin means habitat in Welsh, but it also can be used to describe the elements of our situation and personal history that influence our thoughts and decisions in ways we don’t understand.

“Home” is slow and purposeful whilst still maintaining the grittiness of earlier releases, lyrically it’s impossible not to connect on an emotional level as sole member Gofid has an uncanny ability to add a   real storytelling dimension to it. People who have been following Iselder for some time will know  of the real life events that have taken place and I for one look forward to see how that will manifest itself onto the upcoming album.


The album will be available on CD, as well as Cassette, but there’s also a limited edition box set, with only 10 available!


“Cynefin” will be released February 17th, 2023 but is available to pre-order via UKEM now and I can tell you this is a must for my collection.


Rick Eaglestone



Flesh Of Tituba – Black Angel


So we are back in the shire once more, no not Pembrokeshire. Although my want to visit this area has seriously been upped by the last two releases I have just dropped. Also, no were not in that other famous shire where little hairy folk live in idyllic underground homes and are good friends with a grey old wizard. We are in Derbyshire of all places. Definitely not the usual landscape you’d associate with this grim level of music, but in this little Eastern part of the North not far from my old stomping ground do we come across a band called Flesh of Tituba and his eagerly new release ‘Black Angel’.

This one man act takes the name from Tituba an Caribbean lady who was alleged to have made a pact with the Devil and accused her of the practice of witchcraft that ended up with her being at the centre of the Salem witch trials. Something not so connected with the town in which this act Hails from, however a great name for a black metal band. Formed in the year of MMXXI this act has at least with 5 singles, 2 splits, 2 E.Ps and one full length what is it that we can expect of this new single and this one man project fronted by Acwulf.

The release in question sets out with a stunning little synth opening and you can almost feel yourself drifting into an opening for a good hard house track, soon enough the synth fades and the guitars glide in effortlessly and we are treated to a hellish and ferocious attack.

The vocals follow suit, venomous and filled with high shrieks and aggression. This is brutal from here on in. Slower segments fill moments but the hell battery of the drums and guitars come straight back in offering little if no reprieve within the first two verses.

The midsection takes on a slower and grinding like doom presence before you are thrown back into the infernal storm of the closing verses of the track. The overdrive on the guitar is heavily used gives you that little hark back to the early nighties second wave black metal sound. However production isn’t compromised at all. All instruments are audible and hold their own throughout the track.

The vocals are a little high in the mix in comparison to previous tracks I’ve heard, however this is not off-putting, nor is it a problem. At least they are audible, which for most bands that try to recreate this level of similar atmosphere and sound from back in the day tend to gloss over and lose themselves within the nostalgia and the stylization.

So it goes without saying that Flesh of Tituba are definitely more about substance over style. On this single track I love the little punk and thrash elements they are that little bit of classic filler on an already thick filled release that incorporates all the elements of a great British black metal track.

Hails #Foras #LordOfTheShadows.

[Exclusive Video] No Coffin – All Life Must End

If you think Slayer would be more awesome if they compressed their best songs into far less time, then Florida’s No Coffin are the band for you! Their second release, All Life Must End will be self-released on 10th September and we have an exclusive video of the title track right here! (more…)

Single: Voices – An Audience of Mannequins

Far too many people place too much emphasis on the meaning behind coincidences. There is no meaning. The universe isn’t conspiring to help or hinder you depending on your outlook on life. It just is. But coincidences still sometimes feel weird.

Take my Akercocke coincidences. It probably doesn’t mean anything, but this band keep popping up in my life. Last week I listened to Akercocke for the first time in years. The name popped into my head out of apparently nowhere. Then earlier this week in our interview with Epiphanic Truth, the first big influence on their sound was noted as Akercocke. And today, Voices, featuring members of Akercocke, release a new single! (more…)

This new single from Codex Obscura melted my face off

I honestly don’t know where I saw this track first. It could have been in any of a number of blogs and websites that I read on a regular basis. But I’m glad I did.

Feral in Abstract is the latest song from the upcoming second album from solo deathcore project Codex Obscura. She plays, records and mixes everything herself, with the apparent sole aim of ripping flesh from the bone through sound.

I remember reading somewhere that the drums in this track were almost inhuman, and that’s kind of true. They are exceptionally fast but not overly technical. The only thing I would change would be the levels because the drums seem to sit just above everything because of how brutal they are.

This is definitely deathcore, however, and we’re in the Infant Annihilator side of the genre. The breakdown forgoes any subtlety and just throws double kick right in your earholes. Codex Obscura plays with tempo and rhythm throughout the song though, even during this breakdown.

This is much heavier and more polished than the previous album, Miira. It’s almost as if the “-core” cocoon is coming off and a beautiful, brutal, angry butterfly has emerged to spit spite at everyone nearby. I fucking love it.

You can hear the track on Spotify.

Ok so Irist sound like they could drop an outstanding album

Either the YouTube algorithm is getting better or Nuclear Blast paid to promote this, but I just heard the first single of a band I had never heard of before. They have exactly 0 monthly listens and the track went up today so I have to assume this was not only released today but their Spotify account was only just created as well.
The band is Irist and the song is Burning Sage.
I’m excited hearing this because it reminds me of the energy, if not the frenetic sound of The Dillinger Escape Plan, combined with the stabbing riffs Norma Jean are known for (especially in “O God, The Aftermath”) and a little Mastodon thrown in for good measure.
It’s not often I’ll get excited for something that sounds like a mix of stuff I’ve not really listened to for ten years, but honestly this is a great tune. To the point I wanted to share it as soon as possible.
The debut album by Irist, Order of the Mind, will be released by Nuclear Blast on March 27th. The first single, Burning Sage, is out now.