Verletzen – The Blackened Crusade

Unleashing a ferocity under a Welsh funeral moon, Verletzen take you a journey of manically placed terror on The Blackened Crusade


Erupting with pure evisceration is the album’s opener Ballad of The Beheaded  which alongside its unapologetic savagery includes a great dominant riffs and chants.

Leading an unholy trinity which makes up my favourite section of the album is In Cold Crypts with it first and foremast a callously cold snap of frostbitten fury, this is followed by the howling winds of  Dwelling of the Black Mist which has some phenomenal bass tones and it’s blood curdling screams carry all the way into Tir Du.

Now, I am a big fan of Dungeon Synth and Folk Horror so the inclusion of the short instrumental Invocation II is most welcome and here the band follow it up with the foreboding nature of title track The Blackened Crusade which has a slower, more purposeful approach but still with a raw edge.

Firing through Grimmog at a thunderous pace Verletzen effortlessly interweave into  Invocation II before once again delivering another slice of evisceration with subtle blackened thrash undertones swept up in a whirlwind of blast beasts on The Neverending Reign.

Finally, the album concludes with a cover of Venom’s Witching Hour which is done perfectly as is still maintains the energy of the original throughout and in honesty is a wonderful choice to close the album out with.

The Blackened Crusade is available via Marwolaeth Records

Verletzen: facebook | instagram | bandcamp | youtube



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