The Sun’s Journey Through The Night – Worldless

Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast, for now a woefully poetic entity has been summoned via The Sun’s Journey Through The Night’s latest album Worldless


Opener “Abolishing Consciousness” begins with a swirling bleakness before launching into a storm of obliteration which is the complimented by the albums title track “Worldless”

The moment I heard “Void Walker” for the first time I was swept away by its stark shift in momentum, the acoustic guitars with subtle whispers make for a captivating aural experience but just as you get comfortable it becomes interweaved with abject despair  and fury – Highlight track of the album for me.

Following this with a sense of foreboding is the largely instrumental “Grief, The Star” and in the stillness of the night this track manages to command your complete attention as well as wanting to turn all the lights on in the house when you go to sleep, this continues briefly for the very start of “Flood of Flames” but then among the chaos that comes later also appears a wave of atmosphere which is greatly appreciated.

Worldless concludes with the albums heaviest and easily most ambitious track of the album “Orion” does a great job in showcasing the musicianship and completely highlights the aesthetic of the album.

Painful, bleak but undeniably captivating.

Worldless is out now via Church Road Records

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