Rogue Limb – Actus Reus

Nottingham’s neurotic hardcore duo Rogue Limb unleash their unhinged debut album Actus Reus 



Right the outset of Hoarder I’m already making a prediction that this album is going to be blistering wave of unappareled aggression and what I will say that so far I’m being proved correct but what I also like are the tempos and subtle weave of guitar parts just before Shatter Them unleashes wave upon wave of musical influences that you really feel has been really honed in on.

The album lead single Sirenhead  perfectly encapsulates the overall aesthetic and style of the debut, but with a nice late noughties element. I am yet to see Rogue Limb live (Looking at you Tap n Tumbler Nov 18) but can imagine this being a particular live favourite, this is then complemented by the maniacal and murky soundscapes of The Wound 


The album continues with Fuckboy which would be a great track to really annoy neighbours with but knowing mine I would have to turn it up, this is followed by the groove laden Doomscroller which for me is the  debuts’ crowning glory  as although it has that groove, its lyrical content is bleak – sidenote I also included this track on the latest edition of The Boneyard which you can find here 

Hands down the albums most furious offering comes in the from Light Pillar which continues to reinforce my earlier prediction and serving as a great aperitif to the formidable nature of Squatter.

Finally the album concludes with An Echo which gives me time to appreciate and reflect on this debut overall, the duo chose to not to release a Demo or EP before this and I have to say that it was a wise choice as it has really given them the creative freedom to really form a musical identity and concentrate of the musicianship for and incredibly strong and brutal debut.

Actus Reus is out now

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