Grave Pilgrim – The Bigotry of Purpose


Oregon’s duo of chivalric violence and hideous cruelty Grave Pilgrim    return with their second full length  The Bigotry of Purpose 

Opening track Prometheus Weeps returns with raw blistering delivery of the debut album which really sets the tone, this is followed by easily might highlight track of the album, seven minute The Yoke

Following this is The Archaic Torso of Apollo although similar in length to the previous track this easily the most visceral track of the release.

A short instrumental The Silver Swarm (Orlando Gibbons) sees the direction of the album briefly shift in a melodic, almost medieval direction before longest track Rhiannon’s Wake resumes normal service but not before an excellent opening sequence of guitar tones – this is also the first of two tracks to feature guest SD on vocals adding new dynamic.

Penultimate offering Sublime Flagellation is a well constructed cacophony of chaos which morphs into closing title track The Bigotry of Purpose which one again features guest vocals from SD.  A great closing track swirling with an ethereal atmosphere

The Bigotry of Purpose is out now via Death Prayer Records


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