EP Review: Vampyriia – Walking The Path To Eternity



Italy’s Vampyriia  present a new form of their black art with their latest EPWalking The Path To Eternity

The EP is comprised of four tracks – split into two tracks and then their respective orchestrations.

Both original tracks Through The Deep Fog & Midnight Blood are lengthy in their construction which really gives the tracks their own identity and the duration allows Vampyriia to incorporate a wave of soundscapes for these versions Ukraine’s  Ieschure has been enlisted and compliments the darker elements perfectly.

The bleakness of Through The Deep Fog is the perfect opener for the symphonically raw follow-up Midnight Blood which is easily the EP’s highlight.

The orchestrations give a new dynamic to the EP and having the compositions restructured makes them feel like brand new tracks, Kaalt is largely responsible for the delivery of these


I  particularly enjoyed experimentational elements contained in this but overall my experience was heightened with the addition of headphones to appreciate the nuances and intricacies within the variations


Walking The Path To Eternity is available now via Matriarch Records 
Full EP upload via Transmissions From The Dark



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