EP Review: BA’AL – Soft Eyes



Sheffield’s BA’AL return with a concise catacomb of grief for new EP Soft Eyes


Ushering a new era with a new lineup the band wastes no time with their first outpouring of the EP, the first single Ornamental Doll – a track about growing up on the autism spectrum and the challenges that come with this; isolation, bullying, confusion and being misunderstood. It is a testament to how difficult experiences in early development can stay with us and affect us into adulthood. This also has a well-crafted accompanying video which really leans into the track’s lyrical content.

This is followed by the fierce yet twistingly emotive Yearns To Burn Bright which has an overall scathing presence throughout its duration and is easily the highlight track for me as it’s just a vortex of depth and intensity

Soft Eyes concludes with the EP’s longest track – Bamber Bridge which with its overall fragility really highlights the harsher elements and overall musicianship that  manages to by the end of the EP to leave the listener with only one feeling – Enamoured

Soft Eyes is released this Friday via Ripcord Records


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