Edenfall – To Gaze Longer at the Earth

Edenfall return with third studio album , a conceptual work based on the poetry of love, loss and magic within Anglo-Saxon England To Gaze Longer at the Earth

Opener Forest of Veils immediately grabs your attention as its start wouldn’t be out of place on The VVitch soundtrack, this is quickly followed up with a mix of ethereal vocals, deep growls and well placed melodies.

Penumbra is woefully primal with black metal running through its veins, for me is also reminiscent of the theatrical elements that early Theatres Des Vampires used to produce, this is paired wonderfully with the piano laden Altar of Grief  which in it’s later parts is in keeping with the heavier elements of previous but the despair for the majority easily makes this my highlight section of the album.

Of Wand and Moon showcases the bands Pagan Metal flare with some great percussional elements and with Oaken demonstrate the strength of their collective musicianship, for me everything blends effortlessly on this that hands down is my highlight track. Edenfall also have a wonderfully cinematic video to accompany this.

Shades of Cradle of Filth are rampant throughout the duration The Wild Hunt with once again partnering up something so extreme with something so hauntingly atmospheric as A Wistful Reverie shows vocalist Clare Webster’s vocal diversity.

Womb of Winter provides a moment of reflection although still maintains an ominous presence before the depts of doom are fully explored for epic fifteen minute final track To Howl At An Orbless Sky which still maintains shards of sharp unweilding savagery.

Weaving witchcraft and nature with a unbridled atmospheric ferocity 

To Gaze Longer at the Earth is out 14th July

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