Cult Burial – Reverie of the Malignant

London’s Cult Burial return to once again journey into the eerie realms with new album Reverie of the Malignant 


Opening track Umbra wonderfully reacquaints previous listeners and introduces newer converts to the bands stark, bleak side which is woven with textures and soundscapes that blackened death doom mindset really also shows the drive that continues to push this DIY project into the wider sphere and should you need further proof the Awaken manages blistering speed and unappareled atmosphere.

Slow brooding basslines make way for an equally menace presence for Parasite which again pulls the listener into a gloomy spiral with lingering guitar parts and the addition of Felipe Grüber – this boiling pit of doom is then magnified with tones reminiscent of Worm’s Foreverglade for Paralysed but then it does feature additional guitar parts from Cognizance’s Alex Baillie. The unholy trio is then completed with Strive easily making this despairing section easily my highlight of the entire album, it’s also worth noting that even a nearly 8 minutes long the last track holds the listeners attention throughout with a barrage of unapologetic crushing nature

Just as I question just how much heavier this album can get Existence thunders into my eardrums but they the most hypnotic mid section guitar solos lingers in lulling you into a false sense of security featuring additional guitar contributions from Onslaught’s Wayne Dorman  it weaves into the albums most relentless vocal performance on the aptly named and concluding track Oblivion

Cult Burial are a band who have been on my radar since their inception and one thing is abundantly clear their ever evolving musicianship and sheer commanding driving force will drag their dark, luring presence to the very forefront of the underground metal scene and beyond.


Reverie of the Malignant is out now

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