Blackbraid – BlackBraid I

Now I am going to start this off with a question – Can one man be responsible for quite possibly the most anticipated black metal release of the year? My view is yes and here is why

Native American Black Metal solo project hailing from the Adirondack Mountains – ✔️

Non-Typical Black Metal artwork – ✔️

Raw and Powerful – ✔️

This self-release (which is still hard to believe given its production) starts with The River of Time Flows Through Me – Vocally for me still the most visceral track of the album. Following this is the completely instrumental As The Creek Flows Softly By which is very serene and completely, unapologetically truthful, and faithful to the creator’s roots – it is a bold choice but one that is not only welcomed but admired from me personally as it really adds another element to the style.

Highlight track of the album has to be Sacandaga – its full of visceral fury and as much as I enjoy the other elements, they need to be wedged in with some straight up Black Metal to which this most certainly delivers. It is exceedingly rare that I do this, but I have another highlight track and it just so happens that it follows my previous choice Barefoot Ghost Dance on Bloodsoaked Soil is easily a contender for track of the year.

I have seen a couple of other reviews where they have raved about this track and rightly so, trust me – when you hear it you will no doubt have the same reaction, I had the first time I heard it and the same reaction I have hearing it at least thirty times since then.

Providing the break in the chaos Warm Wind is subtle but measured in its delivery leaving the final 10-minute opus Prying to perfectly encapsulate both the aesthetic and vision and combining all elements from the previous tracks into one with vary tempo changes it’s a really good way to end this first release which grabbed my attention from the outset, has not been to far away from my speakers and I very much look forward to what is next.

It has been an absolute joy to watch this album build momentum over the few months I have been in possession of it, seeing the reaction of others and hoping this will continue once the album gets its official release this coming Friday.

You can check out Blackbraid I by Blackbraid here.

Rick Eaglestone


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