Fortress Festival announce first bands for 2024


Scarborough will once again hold the second Fortress Festival with today seeing the wave of bands announced as well as the sale of early bird tickets

Returning for another 2 days full of black metal at the start of June next year Fortress Festival  will be held at the larger Scarborough Spa

Announced so far are:

Lamp of Murmuur (2024 UK Exclusive)

Furia (2024 UK Exclusive)


Blackbraid (2024 UK Exclusive)


Fellwarden (Worldwide Live Debut)

Obsidian Kingdom (Performing ‘Mantis’ in full)

Panopticon (Performing ‘Roads to the North’ in full)

Fall of Rauros (2024 UK Exclusive)



26 bands over two days with ZERO clashes; Worldwide live debuts, European exclusives, UK debuts/exclusives & entire album performances.


Early bird weekend tickets: £109  with two more sets of early bird tickets planned,

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