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Trhä – Endlhëdëhaj Qáshmëna Ëlh Vim Innivte




1.) Endlhëqhani 08:12

2.) Endlhënven10:08

3.) Endlhëdeënaj15:49 

4.) Taj Tu Dëhajdsëja Bë 09:51


Trhä are going down a storm within the B.M. community, especially on the format Bandcamp. Its like Trhä are the flame and the moths are the fans gravitating to his light and mystical aura that surrounds both him, his sound and that little bit of mystery that we all know and love with our B.M bands.

Hailing from Texas, though I have seen others say from Finland. This act has managed to release a plethora of self releases since 2020. Little is known about the act or when it’s first inception truly was however some info I did gather on this intriguing act is that “Trhä” means “the key to true perfect magic, true fantastic desires and pleasures, and this distant magic place”. This is all I could find on Encyclopedia Metallum. This would certainly explain the nature aspect and the lights used on the covers of most of his releases. So after reading the glowing recommendations I start to wonder through this mystical and magical world of Trhä.