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Scáth na Déithe – Virulent Providence


Lone Irish black/death creator Scáth na Déithe returns with third album Virulent Providence

Constructed of two tracks – coming in at just over 40 minutes the album explores the countless manifestations of collective suffering which have been passed down in folk memory since the Great Hunger of the 1840s and explores these horrific and harrowing representations of torment, the spectral figures now eternal keepers of the true trauma and anguish of a people long gone.

Musically the album has sweeping atmosphere, surging darkness which weave well into the black metal elements that are rife throughout and the visceral nature of the vocals add to emotion of the albums subject matter, so much so that after purchasing the album, I too purchased the book The Great Hunger by Cecil Woodham-Smith.

Virulent Providence is out now

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