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Ninth Realm – A Fate Unbroken


Maryland’s Ninth Realm endeavour to take their listener through the tones of 80’s heavy metal but a sprinkle of the modern day with A Fate Unbroken

Ambition is certainly something that if done applied can be a wonderful thing fortunately in this case that is the very thing that has happened because at times this album has had me feeling like I did at 10 years old discovering the world of metal for the first time and other times just how in awe of how many many styles can be blended together to create such a beast.

The short opening instrumental ‘ Gates Of Tythorin’ really plays into fantasy aesthetic of the album artwork, which is followed by the twin guitar sound and thundering drums of ‘Plea To The Heavens’

The blackened thrash tones of ‘Witches Choir’ crash into the riffs of ‘Ondries’ before the mighty ‘Evoke Thy Wrath’ digs it’s death metal talons in.


As the album progresses we get to ‘Armageddon’s Howl’ which encapsulates all the bands influences in one complete orb, the track trails off in so many directions but still manages to hold the attention and imagination of the listener, the pairing of both ‘The Burning Wanderer’ & ‘Eternal Lance’ is sheer brilliance with the latter being my highlight track of the entire release.

The album concludes with title track ‘A Fate Unbroken’ which is a great album closer, and in parts oozes Mercyful Fate,  honestly this album has something for everyone and its just a really great concise, well structured heavy metal record.

Rick Eaglestone

A Fate Unbroken is out now