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Licht Des Urteils – Uhraamo

1.Intro – Litanies of Bacchus Pt. I 00:29 

2.Uhraamo 05:49 

3.Color Out of Space 06:47 

4.Kuollut 03:15 

5.Interlude – Litanies of Bacchus Pt. II 01:05 

6.Baptised in Unholy Waters 04:46 

7.World Eater 03:13 

8.Pagan Altars 04:21 

9.Ritual of Six 06:22


Now, having been into the scene for the length of time I have, since the second wave of black metal. Many bands have indeed fell under my radar. Now I’m not claiming to be the messiah of the genre far from it. However to have this band slip by me I am certainly quite stunned. So after having these guys brought to my attention, I’m truly blown away by their release. Having been in circulation since MMXVIII they seem to have been Finland’s best kept secret. With only a demo that was released in MMXIX and now their full length in MMXXII we have to wonder why such a large time gap between the years of inception to the demo and the year of the full length. (more…)