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Count Vornok – Towards The Black Vaults Of Angorn


Count Vornok once again journeys into the “Age of Blight” trilogy with second instalment Towards The Black Vaults Of Angorn

Picking up where “Guided by the Light of Felrisian’s Staff ‘ left off, the swirling and entrancing atmospherics of opening track ‘The Burden of Lyrium’ in complimented with shards of ambient black metal, and let’s be honest – seven and a half minutes for opening track is ambitious, but this track already contains everything that made the first instalment so spectacular that it’s already off to a great start.

The ferocious nature of ‘Exalted Battalions of Hallsar’ combined with the subtly of with the aesthetic of  a wintery backdrop is something I am fully invested in and can back to time and time again, but then the arcane intro to ‘Black Vials and Blood Magic’ begins and my highlight track for this part of the trilogy has been decided. There are some many elements that Vornok combines effortlessly that it’s almost like discovering a new form of alchemy.

‘Burn in Emerald Flame’ easily has the best riffs of the entire release and perfectly encapsulates the raw, bloodletting undertones of the album. Another seven minute sermon is up next in the form of ‘Vinsomar’ which holds the listeners full attention for it’s duration.

Finally, the album concludes with the slow and purposeful ‘A Blight Sun Rises’ which is just the perfect choice to close this chapter.

The Count dedicates this album to Stuart Anstis, who was set to appear on the final track, but sadly the universe had other plans.

Towards The Black Vaults Of Angorn will be available November 4th via Death Prayer Records