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Abduction – Black Blood

Newly signed to the legendary Candlelight Records, the journey from solitary entity to the expansion of a fully live  horde has been a relatively short one but make no mistake Abduction have never been afraid to light a flame and with latest release “Black Blood” they are set to watch the world burn.


From the very outset of the album, the intention seems clear and I am very much sticking to my earlier statement – The waves of fury combined with haunting melody blend perfectly in opening track “Kernos Crown” this is then followed by the slower, methodical “Dismantling the Corpse of Demeter” and although is does pick up pace for some of the track the lurking terror is something that holds your attention throughout – This for me is the highlight track of the album overall.

A realm full of soundscapes fill the ambitious eleven minute “Plutonian Gate” and if there was a track the highlights the evolution of the band and encapsulates the aesthetic of this album then this is it, so much is embedded deep into this track that I found myself finding some new element the more I listened to it.

The goosebump moments continue with clean vocals and sweeping doom tones and although for the majority of “Lightless at the Grand Conjunction” is kept a slower pace there is always room for a little hell to be unleashed !


Next up is “A Psylacybic Death” which not only features Revenant Marquis but again engulfs the listener with it’s hypnotic blend of chaos and beauty as the choral elements intertwine with the urgent nature of the track. Lastly the band line up one final piece of incarnate writings with “In Exaltation of the Supreme Being” to solidify their truly well deserved dominance.

“I’m an avid listener of ‘raw’ black metal,” explains vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist A|V, “particularly the way that unintentional noise and lack of clarity can draw you in and provoke the imagination. On the other hand, the evolution of what Abduction has become requires something less indecipherable. With this record, I’ve implied a greater story, without explicitly describing each chapter.”

Although this album is absolutely littered with darkness I genuinely can’t shake the warm fuzzy feeling of happiness that I band I’ve watched over time from a distance have created such a masterpiece.

An Immersion of Ritualistic Proportion

Black Blood will be released this Friday via Candlelight Records  

Rick Eaglestone