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Worm – Bluenothing

Following up on 2021’s breakthrough album “Foreverglade” Florida’s swamp kings Worm are once again slithering into contention for this year’s top stop with mini-album “Bluenothing”

Consisting of 4 tracks in total, it’s broken into two sides – A being an almost homage to last year’s phenomenal “Foreverglade” as they were recorded in the same session with the title track ‘Bluenothing’ originally planned as the album’s closing track coming in at a colossal eleven and a half minutes.



Side B  starts with the ominous yet  strangely captivating instrumental ‘Invoking the Dragonmoon’ before the final track open’s up a new chapter in Worm’s journey, hearing them go  full-on 90’s Symphonic Black Metal even for a short time has me absolutely captivated and therefore it should come as no surprise that “Shadowside Kingdom” is absolutely my highlight track of this mini album as it also compliments the artwork to “Bluenothing” beautifly

Bluenothing will be released by 20 Buck Spin on 28th October 

Pre-order info can be found here