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Blood Countess – Occulta Tenebris


1.) Storms over Carpathia 05:42

2.) Ad Altare Sanguinem 05:49

3.) In Virgins Blood 03:48

4.) Ululation of the Grief Stricken Peasants 05:45

5.) Screams Over Carpathia 02:40 instrumental

6.) Orgasm Leading to Death 04:43

7.) Ferenc Nádasdy 05:38

8.) 21-08-16140 05:40


As I drift across this vast globe searching for new bands to review I find myself back in a place I call home. As I place my achey bones down on a hill side I cast a cold gaze across the moors. As my boney lifeless fingers reach for my flask I pour the golden nectar of Yorkshire tea into my cup, take a slow sip and savour not just the flavour of home but the sites and the sounds. Little did I know that I was to stumble across a band at the same time.