This new single from Codex Obscura melted my face off

I honestly don’t know where I saw this track first. It could have been in any of a number of blogs and websites that I read on a regular basis. But I’m glad I did.

Feral in Abstract is the latest song from the upcoming second album from solo deathcore project Codex Obscura. She plays, records and mixes everything herself, with the apparent sole aim of ripping flesh from the bone through sound.

I remember reading somewhere that the drums in this track were almost inhuman, and that’s kind of true. They are exceptionally fast but not overly technical. The only thing I would change would be the levels because the drums seem to sit just above everything because of how brutal they are.

This is definitely deathcore, however, and we’re in the Infant Annihilator side of the genre. The breakdown forgoes any subtlety and just throws double kick right in your earholes. Codex Obscura plays with tempo and rhythm throughout the song though, even during this breakdown.

This is much heavier and more polished than the previous album, Miira. It’s almost as if the “-core” cocoon is coming off and a beautiful, brutal, angry butterfly has emerged to spit spite at everyone nearby. I fucking love it.

You can hear the track on Spotify.

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