Warpath Spawn – Abigail’s Curse

Missouri’s Warpath Spawn take a melancholic approach with latest EP Abigail’s Curse.


Established in 2018 and Consisting of members Andrew Gentemann and Brendan Hanrahan. Warpath Spawn started recording DSBM and went on to decorate change to the genre with Atmospheric Black metal.

Opening track ‘1942’ is full of atmospheric soundscapes that engulf the listener with it’s combination of slow building drums into mournful guitar parts finished off with accompanying despairing vocals, it’s great track, even at nearly eight minutes, holds your attention and sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

Title track ‘Abigail’s Curse’ follows suit but for me the guitars on this make it the highlight of the release, the riff that runs through this feels like it wouldn’t be out of place on a My Dying Bride album, the addition of the solo adds another added dimension into an already solid piece of musicianship, again the heartbeat of well measured drumming and again vocal style just complete trio and encapsulates the aesthetic of the EP tremendously.

Finally, A heavier, slightly faster  ‘Dead Leaf’ propels this three track release, as although their are elements similar to the previous two, it manages to still bring something different, especially with the guitar work whilst still not loosing the core of abject sorrow.

Overall, my first impression is very much one of appreciation for the sheer amount of emotion I felt with a shorter release and that I am very much looking forward to what Warpath Spawn do next.


A Cauldron of brooding substance 

Abigail’s Curse is set to be released October, 30th via MSH Music Group 

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