Vassus – In Atria Mortuorum



Encloaked in mystery Vassus release new album, In Atria Mortuorum.

I will openly admit that Vassus is an artist whose work I always eagerly anticipate, being the fortunate owner of the previous two releases I couldn’t wait to see what soundscapes were contained in third release In Atria Mortuorum

The opening track “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter…” is a wonderfully constructed instrumental which is dominated by chill educing organ pieces which continue into “The Labyrinth of Cold and Unending Stone” which is injected with cold, raw black metal which Vassus continues to combine wonderfully.

“A Night in the Oubliette” continues on in the same vein, but there is just something in the atmospheric soundscapes that really draw me to it whereas follow up track does the same for a very different reason “Rusted Shackles and Broken Blades” is visceral yet captivating and is easily my highlight of this release.

Dungeon synth elements open title track “In Atria Mortuorumwhich builds to a blistering encapsulation of everything that makes me a fan this release and absolutely justifies my opening statement of anticipation  this is only further emphasised as the album continues on into the trilogy of “Great Halls of Dust and Bone”, “Malevolent Umbra” and “Beware The Ancient Crypt Keeper”.

The album concludes in a similar way to that of the start, instrumental “In the Desolate Deep, Beneath the Castle” is short and solemn in its delivery and a great way to close the release.

In Atria Mortuorum is out now 

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