Peasant – The Lonewolf

No longer lurking in the shadows for Peasant are back following on 2020’s MMXIX demo and the band take a darker stance with latest EP The Lonewolf.

The sinisterly vulgar artwork is very much my mind’s eye as the EP begins with title track “The Lonewolf” it’s impact is immediate, the battle worthy screech at its inception makes way for quite simply a boiling pot of the rawest black metal. 

No rest for the wicked “Ghost of the Mines” very much continues the sweeping myriad of unrelenting and unforgiving terror and if that’s not enough on this three track EP the last track “Under the Curse” is eight and a half minutes long and has a great tempo switch with some menacing guitar pieces that can’t help but demand the listeners full and undivided focus.

Physical copies of The Lonewolf will be available soon, and I am going to snap one up as soon as they are live because I can tell you know they wont hand around for long – if Peasant aren’t on your radar for 2022 they really should be!

Released on 8th June for NYOP, you can check out The Lonewolf from Peasant via Blackwood Productions here 

Rick Eaglestone

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