Oferwintran – It Often Befalls Those

Three years after the vastly underrated debut “Llyfr Coch Hergest” Oferwintran return with an album as biting as the wind on the North York Moors, “It Often Befalls Those”.

The opener and only track made public to date ‘The Earldom of The North’ premiered early last month via Transmissions From The Dark and even then it was clear that this newer release was going to be loaded with ferocity, now having the complete release before me I can confirm that the follow-up ‘By Sea and By Land continues on in almost an identical vein.

The highlight track for me from this album has to be ‘Prince Kelyddon’ although it more than holds its own with the two previous ones the guitar work for me is particularly well constructed and is also the longest of the album coming in at just over seven minutes.



Wales and the middle ages are the focus of the next track ‘The Uplands of Awrystli’ which blends into ‘So He Set Forth’ exceptionally well encased in some maniacal musicianship.  Two tracks remain and the soundscapes on ‘His Cheif Palace’ really come through before the final and title track ‘It Often Befalls Those’ closes the chapter on what has been an exceptionally well-rounded second release.


Seven fire-stoking raw black metal hymns

The album recently premiered in full on the Black Metal Promotion Youtube channel and will be released digitally this Friday, 14th October via the Death Prayer Records Bandcamp page.

Rick Eaglestone

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