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The definition of the word ‘heavy’, in terms of being an adjective, can be described as ‘of great weight; difficult to lift or move’ or ‘of great density; thick or substantial’. Taking this definition into consideration, ‘UNMAKER‘ by LLNN can be, without any doubt, described as, heavy.

With the opening track ‘IMPERIAL’, you straight away get the sense that there is a darkened tension that will need to be explored and to possibly never be relieved. Throughout there is an abstract and distinct darkness that lingers, none more so than in the synth and samples which really take the track into a bone-crushingly heavy realm of destruction and disarray. Let’s be clear about things first though, this isn’t just heavy for the sake of being heavy. There is a melodic sense and a textured denseness that flows throughout and these ideas are explored throughout ‘UNMAKER‘.

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As you progress through the record, you understand that LLNN knows the sound they want to portray and don’t stray from this. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s ever formulaic, but if you haven’t come across LLNN before, you may find them more on the abstract side of the heavier genres they share their roots in.

Progressing through ‘UNMAKER‘, there are a variety of vocals, guitar riffs and progressions, as well as industrial samples to enhance the listening experience. One of my favourite parts of the record is around the 3:30 mark on ‘DESECRATOR’ where LLNN descends into an orchestrated abyss of heavy chords and almost a half-time type beat-down.

My favourite track on the record is ‘OBSIDIAN’. You are introduced to the track with a sample that lurks as if to say “you know what’s coming”. And know I did. The track grows into an industrial cacophony of intense vocals and a big guitar riff. It has a dark and ethereal composition to the track and vocalist Christian Bonnesen is really at the forefront of this track.

Throughout the record, there are synthesized textures, samples and a variety of melodies to really back up the heavy industrialised hardcore atmosphere the band have been hinting at on their past releases.

With each track, I feel as if there is a loss of any sort of hope and I am being pulled into the pain and brutality of loss and anguish. As if there is an element of self-annihilation that is being explored, not only on an individual basis level but also as a collective.

With each track, there are different rhythms and soundscapes being developed, none more so than on another favourite of mine, ‘INTERLOPER’. At a much slower tempo to the songs that came before it, but with a more melodic sound amongst the wall of sound that LLNN produces, the track pushes the idea of some sort of recovery or hope for all that has been destroyed before it.

Throughout the record, LLNN has shown us that they explored a distinct sound that they had in mind for this record and that is unduly delivered. With familiar, yet different guitar riffs, low bass-driven songs and melodies and rhythms to accompany, LLNN truly takes the listener into a chasm void of light and hope and encourage the listener to develop the idea of the end times and the annihilation of all we know.

Pelagic Records will release Unmaker by LLNN on 24th September. Pre-order here.

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