Ink & Fire – Execution Of Spirit


When the label distributing an album holds back until listening to something until they have a physical copy you know it’s something special with that level of anticipation  –  the debut album “Execution of Spirit’  by newly formed USBM project INK & FIRE 

The album makes an immediate impact ‘Bleeding Light’ is the personification of raw and visceral which follows into the title track ‘Execution of Spirt’ which also has a clean element which completely adds a new dimension and really challenges the perception  of  the solitary black metal musician. This also continues into my highlight track ‘A Hero’s Journey’

Continuing on the blistering ‘Shadows in Our Steps commands the listeners full attention, but be warned it’s unrelenting but in the sense that you just cant or wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the moment, and the following ‘Slit Throat of Bacchus’ explores soundscapes from previous tracks.

As the album progresses into ‘Europhoria’ Ink & Fire once again show that they posses such great musicianship the military style drumming that comes through makes the entire track, ‘Folly’ is the biggest surprise as it’s quite folky in it’s presentation whilst maintaining a menacing presence, then it’s straight back to black metal business with ‘Familiar Embers’

The final trio of tracks work incredibly well and if I’m being totally transparent I get that feeling that I am hearing the start of something that’s going to get added to my collection in physical formant soon and is something that I will come back to time and time again as it just holds some much creativity embedded that even after a few listens my experience and what I’ve taken away from it has differed every time.

Execution Of Spirit will be available November 4th via Death Prayer Records  

Full album video courtesy of Transmissions From The Dark


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