Frosk – Stone Prison

Massachusetts’s Frosk unveil a collection of sombre tales from restless nights with newest release Stone Prison.


Made up seven offerings Stone Prison begins with the dungeon synth laden ‘Doleful Overture’ which already scores big points with me as I love hearing it surrounding the gloomy and fierce soundscapes that follow on ‘Excoriation’ which also include sopor aeternus levels of despair.

For me the highlight track has to be ‘Absence of Hope’ as the the interweaving of the earlier overture tones with raw, frostbitten black metal is for me just the perfect combination, which alongside the maniacal guitar tones and fury of ‘A Leaking Soul’ make this my favourite section of the release.

Title track ‘Stone Prison’ makes me look longingly with a feeling of regret at the sold of handmade mono tape, knowing that my collection will be empty without its inclusion and my emotion stays in that state for the follow up slower, more purposeful ‘Gargoyle’s Anguish’

The release concludes with ‘Frosk’s Lullaby’ which again is solely instrumental but still manages to blend into the overall aesthetic of Stone Prison perfectly.

Stone Prison is available now

Frosk: bandcamp | twitter

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