Atramentus – Stygian

I think we’ve got this weird duality with pop culture where we see it as both an art and a commodity. We (sometimes) appreciate the creative talent put in to make our favourite tv shows, movies and music, but we also expect some aspect of re-use from them.
It’s a rare movie where you’ll see the end credits roll and think “fuck that was incredible” and know you won’t ever watch it again.
We have this with music the most. Replayability will play a big part in how we rate an album or even a song. I think we should re-normalise appreciating music as a singular experience. A good place to start is this absolutely punishing 3 track, 44 minutes of funeral doom from Atramentus.
It tells the story both of the lead guitarist and vocalist’s seasonal depression and a fantasy epic about a man who steals a sword from the sun god to gain immortality, but inadvertantly drops his world into a perpetual winter and has to thus walk endlessly through a dead world on his own for eternity.
I’m dying to buy the vinyl, which comes with a lyrics sheet and a full-colour map haha!
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