Album Review: Saidan- Visual Kill: The Blossoming of Psychotic Depravity




Jrock-inspired Black Metal Horror band Saidan return after two years with their highly anticipated third LP Visual Kill: The Blossoming of Psychotic Depravity

Album opener Genocidal Bloodfiend is a thunderous amalgamation of soundscapes and in particular, the interweaving of blistering black metal with a modern punk edge makes for a great introduction to this journey through a necrophilic hell.

Heart-pounding drums dominate Desecration of a Lustful Illusion which bleed into the furious yet foreboding Sick Abducted Purity which for me has the most visceral vocals of the entire album alongside some great atmospherics – easily the highlight track for me, especially when the NWOBHM style guitar riffs and solos fire through.



Switchblade Paradise continues the barrage of brutality while still managing to incorporate some subtle almost post-punk elements, then swoops in the short yet well-placed instrumental seraphic lullaby to bring a sense of calm before the maniacal Veins of the Wicked brings the album back to its familiar blend of razor-sharp musicianship.

Anthemic-laden riffs make up the majority of Tears Seeping Through Beautiful Agony whilst Suffer ushers in a new dynamic with its feeling of finality but that is left to the album’s dominating statement Visual Kill to leave the listener in no doubt as to why Saidan have risen above many of their contemporaries and stand out in a bustling USBM scene

Visual Kill: The Blossoming of Psychotic Depravity is released on May 24th via Jems Label 


Saidan: facebook | twitter | bandcamp | spotify 


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