Coming up in June

Well, things picked up pretty quickly! I spent 2020 only writing about the top five albums I heard each month and now we have multiple reviews every week.

As a way to help you (and me) keep up with what’s happening with the site, I’m going to trial this here format where I outline what we’re looking to get done in the month ahead.

  • Our pick of the best albums from May
  • Epiphanic Truth interview
  • Lunar Cult feature
  • Mountain Caller interview

Between all this, we plan to get through between 10 – 15 reviews including Solus Ex Infernus, Tommy Concrete, Sxuperion and Mountain Caller.

The review queue is pretty monstrous at the moment, with releases as far away as September starting to creep in. Suffice to say there will be no shortage of material for the rest of the year.

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