Author: Lord of the Shadows

Funeral Fullmoon / Nocturnal Prayer – Disciples of the Moonlight Worship


As I sit in my Lair, my feet in a bowl of hot water sniffling due to a retched cold that has come on since my recent trip to Wales. As the candle flames flicker to match my shivering the wind howls through and the rain lashing down I sit in heavy robes and blankets.


Pa Vesh En – Catacombs


As I sit in my desolate lair the cold of the earth travels up from the cobbles beneath one’s feet. I sit and ponder on just what I have coming up next to review.


Crymych – Songs of Sistrum


As I stand facing out from the Ogof I inhabited during my last review of Pembrokeshire blackened legend Revenant Marquis and his final album “All The Pleasures Of Heaven” I ready myself to leave inhaling that coastal air and stare out at the grey sky, blackened ocean on this cool grey Autumn day.


Revenant Marquis – All the Pleasures of Heaven

As Autumn makes its return just like last year and the year before that, the world finally takes a break from the fiery ball of gas within the sky. For myself, it’s a blessing to have the cool and blustery days back.


Devouring Famine – Merge In To Oblivion


As I wander down into my lair the ping on my mobile signals only one thing… A new review.


Isataii – In Vein of the Ancestors


As I sit in my cavernous subterranean dwelling, the candles flicker and cool air starts to fill the space. Slowly the heating dissipates and it’s getting much easier to breathe and cope. I sit at my slope, with my new fan-dangled tablet looking through the history and the source of black metal. As I light up a cigarette and scratch my dry and dusty skull, I wonder if ever there was a gimmick that kickstarted all of this and can we link it to the genre at all if in any way.


Obsidian – Into the Depts of the Shadow


No sooner am I back from one journey, am I to be sent on another. As I return to my humble abode I push hard against the door and move the mountain of cascading demos that have fallen through my mail slot. As I’m greeted by my hounds pulling and clawing at my robes, I quickly usher them to calm and deal with their ferocious appetites.


Wynter Myst – Bitter Hymns


Usually, when receiving a review from Death Prayer nine times out of ten I find myself drifting from one country to another. However, today is different. Today I’m here to review another UK Black Metal act. One that adds another feather to our cap of first-rate British Black Metal bands. Birthed in 2019 Wynter Myst  have been on an upward climb releasing four singles one E.P. and one full-length titled Frore which translates as frozen. Which in itself is a huge achievement due to how many acts Steve Blackwood is attached to. Being part of Annwn, Arcane North, Blood Countess, Cave Dweller, Old Corpse Road and Peasant to name just a few. It’s a wonder he’s not already exhausted. This is certainly not the case.


Anéanti – Poison – Les formules diaboliques


1.) Repulsive Papal Corpse.

2.) l’Aphrodisiaque Macabre.

3.) Le Vol Des Sorciéres.

4.) Aqua Tofana.


Ara Subversor – Vow of Dominion


  1. The Purging Fires 06:21
  2. Tyranny of Demiurge 04:45
  3. Last Light 05:46
  4. Interlude (Entranced in Abyssal Deliverance) 02:46
  5. Atavist Legion 05:51
  6. Vow of Dominion 06:47